Gyrocopter Gyroplane DTA



Since 1990, the well-known French ultralight manufacturer DTA (Delta Trikes Aviation) has manufactured trikes and trike wings.
With that in mind, Blois attendees were surprised to see a world premiere of the company’s newest product, a gyroplane called the J-RO “Cabriolet.” The autogyro features tandem seating and may be powered by a Rotax 912S or a 914 turbo engine, and will be delivered in two versions, called Premium and Optimum, weighing 556 and 600 pounds respectively (264/273 kilograms). The basic Premium is the door-less version, while the better-equipped Optimum will be delivered only fully enclosed.


The J-RO was developed over three years of intensive work, in which three prototypes were built and 3,000 hours of labor were invested. The J-RO Premium with the Rotax 912S lists at €59,900 and with the Rotax 914 at €68,300. According to a company spokesman, the J-RO will probably be shown in Oshkosh in two years.


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