Bulletin 2 Apollo

Precautionary Safety Bulletin:

Very important to forward this message all pilots are flying on Apollo wings.

Valid for all Apollo powered hang glider wings.

Please check all NICO type small compressed copper grummet at the ropeends connections and the so called steel "ropehearts". The above mentioned parts should be checked very properly during the next daily inspection and during preflight inspection. Any broke, deformation, or the smallest slip by the rope (which is indicated by the copper grummet)  or corrosion is not permissibled! During the next preflight inspection when the check was performed it should be notified in the wing technical logbook and also that the check was performed on the hidden ropes as well especially on ropes from the cross tubes connections to the pull up lock of the wings.(this is the so called halyard or whip rope).
The check should be performed by the owner or the pilot of the wing and should be crosschecked and verified by the technical chief of the aeroclub.
From now only the checked and documented Apollo wings are airworthy!  

The reason of the above mentioned procedure that during annual inspections we found slipped ropes although it did not caused accident but for the airsafety the inspection is necessary.

Zoltán Molnár
technical chief
Pál Vég
cheif engineer